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Sample of the Day #7: Sly & Robbie - Don't Stop the Music

Just unpacked the new 74 Miles Away record and immediately fell in love with the track "Sly". Why? I must admit that it is strongly connected with the 80's party/love-themed sample of the Sly & Robbie's song "Don't Stop the Music". Sample appears at 1:20 for the first time.

As said above, sampled by 74 Miles Away on "Sly".

Sample of the Day #6: Silver Convention - Fly, Robin, Fly

...totally hooked on this disco shit!

Silver Convention consisted of Sylvester Levay and Michael Kunze, who acted as producers/songwriters. As singers they chose 2 German and 1 Austrian girl , who used English pseudonyms, which may have contributed to their international success in UK and the US. They were:

Ramona Kraft aka Ramona Wulf
Linda Übelherr aka Linda Thompson and
Gertrude Wirschinger aka Penny McLean.

I just love Wirschinger's English name!

Sampled by DJ Nu-Mark & A-Skillz:

DJ Nu-Mark – The Fever ft. A-Skillz - FREE DOWNLOAD by

Sample of the Day #5: Johnson, Hawkins, Tatum & Durr - You Can't Blame Me

It's been some time since the last Sample of the Day and I only got to number 5, because I unconsciously posted two videos during the last weeks with the same sample. That made me do some research and I found the group with the not so creative name "Johnson Hawkins Tatum & Durr".

The group consisted of the four Ohioans Virgil Johnson, Al Dawson, Willie Tatum, and Norris Durr, who recorded not more than two singles at the turn of the 60's to the 70's. They were released on an independent label called "Capsoul", which was run by Bill Moss. He was also the one, who somehow changed the last name "Dawson" into "Hawkins". We will probably never know, if it was due to lack of concentration or due to some psychadelic substances. Anyway, the A-side of their first 7" "You Can't Blame Me" was quite a big success in the Midwest, but didn't reach bigger cities such as Chicago or New York. Instead of trying to slowly climb up the ladder of stardom, the four singers got into a fight and ceased working together after their second single "A World Without You".

As I mentioned before, you can find some beautiful sampling work in earlier posts such as in Pretty Lights - We Must Go On and Session Victim - Zoinks

Sample of the Day #4: Billy Stewart - We'll Always Be Together

The last post reminded me of one of my all time favorite albums "The Pretty Toney Album" by Ghostface, which then takes me to Billy Stewart.

While his scat singing does not appear in this song but only shortly at the end, it was in fact his key characteristic which also brought him a Top 10 hit in 1966. I guess he was just slightly more focused on his first love here:

Producer Nottz used this sample perfectly in my opinion. Pretty straight forward drums underneath Stewart's voice, which are occasionally interrupted by the great horn arrangement, so Ghostface can get some air. And I think we do not need to discuss Ghostface's performance here, he just does what he does best i.e. to deliver, including a Billy Stewart style "Brrrrrrrrrrr"...

Be This Way by Ghostface Killah on Grooveshark

Sample of the Day #3: Count Basie - Jive at Five

Endlich komme ich mal dazu das (schon angekündigte) dritte Sample des Tages zu präsentieren.


Bei diesem handelt es sich um Count Basie's "Jive at Five", welches er zusammen mit Lester Young im Jahre 1939 aufgenommen hat. Auf welcher Platte dieses Lied als erstes erschienen ist, kann ich leider nicht sagen. In der sovietischen Union fand man es jedoch auf der Best-of Scheibe "Когда Садится Солнце" ("When The Sun Goes Down"), die oben zu sehen ist, und die 1985 auf dem Staatslabel Melodia erschienen ist.

Der gesamplete Teil startet ab ca. 1:09.

Bei dem Produzenten, der "Jive at Five" gesamplet hat, handelt sich um Long Arm, der mit jedem neuen Release höher auf meiner Favoritenliste klettert. Den ersten Track, den ich von ihm aber kannte war "After 4 AM", das zuerst auf der "The Moon Comes Closer" Compilation von Project:Mooncircle erschienen ist und dann noch auf Long Arm's grandiosen Debütalbum "The Branches".

Sample of the Day #2: Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers - Egyptian Reggae

Schon seit einigen Jahren in meiner Favoritenliste und nun endlich wird es auch mal gebraucht. Gemeint ist das Lied von Jonathan Richman zusammen mit den Modern Lovers namens "Egyptian Reggae". Der Instrumental Track aus dem Jahre '77 ist auch so ziemlich die einzige erfolgreiche Single für die Gruppe gewesen, so dass man mit Fug und Recht auch von einem One Hit Wonder reden darf. Nach knapp 35 Jahren hat es allerdings immer noch einen sehr sehr freshen Groove...

Guts - von vielen als die französische Version von RJD2 gehandelt - hat mir damals "Egyptian Reggae" mit dem Track "And The Living Is Easy" im Dynamics Remix gemacht, was im Übrigen auch das hier samplet.

Sample of the Day #1: Ennio Morricone - Rodeo

Nach längerer Abstinenz, tut sich hier endlich nochmal was. Und zwar mit einer neuen Rubrik names "Sample of the Day".

Das erste Sample kommt vom italienischen Komponisten Ennio Morricone, welcher u.a. für die Filmmusik von dem Klassiker "Spiel mir das Lied vom Tod" verantwortlich war. Neben diesem Film arbeitete er aber noch an ein paar Dutzend mehr mit, wie auch an "Le Casse" aus dem Jahre 1971.

Gesamplet wurde das Ganze u.a. von den Beginnern für das Album "Blast Action Heroes".



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