Diggin' Late Night kehrt zurück!


Nach 2 Jahren kehrt Diggin' Late Night zurück ins Programm! Diesmal möchte sich die Sendung mit euch in die Weiten elektronischer Musik begeben, in denen es noch viel zu entdecken gibt. Abseits vom clubtauglichen House & Techno basteln unzählige Produzenten an sphärischen Ambient-Gebilden, experimentellen Jazz Kreationen und anderen noch nicht definierten Produktionen. Diggin' Late Night begleitet euch zum Wochenendausklang.

Schaltet ein zur ersten Sendung nach langer Pause, Sonntagabend 22 Uhr! Im Aachener Stadtgebiet auf der 99,1MHz oder im Stream

A Dope Reader - The Vibrations Are Different

Recently, a friend of mine published some deep, atmospheric tracks. Enjoy yourself:

You can also follow him on Soundcloud.

Kim Brown - Somewhere Else It's Going To Be Good

I can't even describe how geniusly well produced this album is. It's hard to choose a particular track, but how about this one?

Make sure you listen to the whole thing though!

Uyama Hiroto - Waltz for Life (Song for Children)

Uyama Hiroto is set to release a 12" on newly founded label Roph. You may know his jazz-influenced songs from his contributions to Nujabes' label Hyedeout Productions. "Waltz for Life" seems to be the subsequent part of "Uyama Hiroto - Waltz For Life Will Born", which appeared in the compilation "Hydeout Production - 2nd Collection".

Pascäal - Drowning in You

Let's see, if we can revitalize this blog! Starting with some Diggin' Late Night kind of stuff...

Rhye - Open (Softmore Dub)

Damn this hoster for not enabling me to embed any stuff! I wanted to share this track with you nevertheless.
Here you go

Didn't work differently ten years ago on ICQ, right?

Fantastic Man - Wie gehts

I apologize dearly for the lack of postings lately. But twoday makes it real hard to embed any music players (except youtube), so I probably have to move this blog to another host in the near future.

In the meantime, how about some fantastic Australian house music to get you up and going on a beautiful sunday morning?

Sticky Dojah - Live at Mobile Mondays, NYC

Props to Aachen's own Sticky Dojah who is taking the leap across the pond to play live at Mobile Mondays in New York City.

45s Set - Live @ Mobile Mondays, New York City by StickyDojah

Why not play that music at the next Mad Lifted???

Yosi Horikawa - Stars

Damn! Let's stay with Yosi for another moment. Field recordings, organic bass and rattles, this dude can create the perfect harmonies.

The song is taken from the current album "Vapor", which is only being released on CD at the moment. Shame on that...

Yosi Horikawa & Claude Speeed - Sónar Suites

The Red Bull Music Academy just put the "In-Between-Music" of the last Sonar Festival up onto their soundcloud. The two mixes were produced by Yosi Horikawa and Claude Speed exclusively for the purpose of keeping the audience entertained between two acts. To be honest, in my opinion those two mixes should be way more honored than that as they are simply amazing.

Yosi Horikawa & Claude Speeed - Sónar Suites by Red Bull Music Academy



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Diggin' Late Night (ambiente elektronische Musik fernab der gängigen Clubmusik) läuft alle 2 Wochen sonntags um 22 Uhr im Hochschulradio Aachen.

(Diggin' war eine Sendung im Hochschulradio Aachen, die die Welt des Funk, Soul, Jazz & Hip-Hop beleuchtete.)


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