Saturday, 22. June 2013

Sample of the Day #7: Sly & Robbie - Don't Stop the Music

Just unpacked the new 74 Miles Away record and immediately fell in love with the track "Sly". Why? I must admit that it is strongly connected with the 80's party/love-themed sample of the Sly & Robbie's song "Don't Stop the Music". Sample appears at 1:20 for the first time.

As said above, sampled by 74 Miles Away on "Sly".



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Diggin' Late Night (ambiente elektronische Musik fernab der gängigen Clubmusik) läuft alle 2 Wochen sonntags um 22 Uhr im Hochschulradio Aachen.

(Diggin' war eine Sendung im Hochschulradio Aachen, die die Welt des Funk, Soul, Jazz & Hip-Hop beleuchtete.)


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