Saturday, 13. April 2013

Sample of the Day #6: Silver Convention - Fly, Robin, Fly

...totally hooked on this disco shit!

Silver Convention consisted of Sylvester Levay and Michael Kunze, who acted as producers/songwriters. As singers they chose 2 German and 1 Austrian girl , who used English pseudonyms, which may have contributed to their international success in UK and the US. They were:

Ramona Kraft aka Ramona Wulf
Linda Übelherr aka Linda Thompson and
Gertrude Wirschinger aka Penny McLean.

I just love Wirschinger's English name!

Sampled by DJ Nu-Mark & A-Skillz:

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Diggin' Late Night (ambiente elektronische Musik fernab der gängigen Clubmusik) läuft alle 2 Wochen sonntags um 22 Uhr im Hochschulradio Aachen.

(Diggin' war eine Sendung im Hochschulradio Aachen, die die Welt des Funk, Soul, Jazz & Hip-Hop beleuchtete.)


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