Thursday, 5. January 2012

Sample of the Day #4: Billy Stewart - We'll Always Be Together

The last post reminded me of one of my all time favorite albums "The Pretty Toney Album" by Ghostface, which then takes me to Billy Stewart.

While his scat singing does not appear in this song but only shortly at the end, it was in fact his key characteristic which also brought him a Top 10 hit in 1966. I guess he was just slightly more focused on his first love here:

Producer Nottz used this sample perfectly in my opinion. Pretty straight forward drums underneath Stewart's voice, which are occasionally interrupted by the great horn arrangement, so Ghostface can get some air. And I think we do not need to discuss Ghostface's performance here, he just does what he does best i.e. to deliver, including a Billy Stewart style "Brrrrrrrrrrr"...

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